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The Industry Partnership Program is the next evolution of Queensland’s approach to industry development

Over four years, the IPP will invest $350 million to continue to grow and create jobs across a number of priority industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, hydrogen, biofutures, biomedical, defence, aerospace, space, resource recovery and METS. Incentives can be non-financial and financial offered in assistance packages developed specifically to suit each project. The range of assistance may include:

  • case management for individual high-value and complex projects to assist with facilitating approval processes, whole-of-government liaison and coordination of infrastructure requirements
  • leveraging government assets such as infrastructure and land, and considering rental assistance
  • leveraging government procurement where appropriate by entering into product supply and offtake arrangements
  • supply chain coordination and assistance, such as business capability development, business and supplier matching
  • leveraging external co-funding programs to maximise support available to projects
  • advocacy such as policy and strategy development, major project development, government liaison, marketing and promotion, and research
  • fiscal incentives such as payroll tax reimbursements and relief from other State fees and charges
  • financial incentives such as cash reimbursement grants, and interest-free or concessional loans.

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