Why Ronan Analytics 

 Ronan Analytics is built on a vision of empowering businesses by delivering dynamic, data-driven solutions that yield tangible results. 

As a reputed and independent data analytics consultancy, our experience spans across diverse sectors, including government and advanced manufacturing. Our core belief is that data is the essential conerstone for effective decision-making. 


Ronan Analytics Services


We are continually developing new products and services to assist your organisation in achieving its goals.

But - we only offer what we know delivers real outcomes.


Workforce & Industry Insights

Does your organisation need to understand the crucial factors of its sector to make consistently well-informed decisions?

Understand current and future workforce skills, capabilities and experience through deep analysis, providing insights to develop effective employment and training strategies.

Performance Reporting & Dashboards

Defining, prioritising, and capturing measures to evaluate and benchmark performance that supports strong, evidence-based decisions.

Survey Design & Analysis

Collect intelligence about the behaviours, needs, sentiments and opinions from key stakeholders to uncover actionable insights and address data gaps.

Social Impact Analysis

Identify and demonstrate how projects promote community development and empowerment, build capacity, and develop social capital through data-based evidence and analysis.

Demand & Supply Analysis

Identify areas of high demand and low supply to uncover opportunities, areas of focus and determine the allocation of financial resources.

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Data Governance

Is your organisation looking to properly secure its data and derive greater value from its data systems?


At its core, data governance defines who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations and using what methods.

We partner with organisations to identify the most critical pain points and high-value use cases, we help in establishing a data governance mission and vision in alignment with corporate objectives.

Once it is understood where the data governance will drive the most business value, RA assesses data governance maturity across six key domains. The results are synthesised for top-priority use cases, creating a clear roadmap with actionable plans so the data governance framework can begin implementation and start addressing your organisation's most critical needs.

Ronan Analytics has the passion, expertise and experience to support you at any point in your data governance journey and begin maximising the value of your data.


Measure Yourself

Data Governance is an often underappreciated but immensely impactful factor for many organisations of different sizes. If you feel your organisation's data governance might not be as mature as it should be, reach out to us below.

Navigating and Securing Government Investment & Partnerships

Are you looking to develop your business through activities such as expansion, commercialisation, research and development, innovation or exporting?

In today’s competitive and challenging economy, organisations cannot afford to neglect the billions in government investments offered through funding, grants and tenders every year. Securing government investments can help stabilise your organisationweather economic downturns, strengthen stakeholder relations, improve the value chain and faciliate growth. Yet, navigating government processes is often both confusing and time-consuming.

At Ronan Analytics, our team of highly qualified consultants come from government and industry backgrounds. 

Our intimate knowledge and experience of government policies and processes give us a competitive edge in preparing winning bids. We are specialists in assisting small to large organisations in winning government investments no matter the value. Regardless of the outcome, our clients find the journey beneficial in developing a true 180-degree assessment of their organisation. We aim to make our client’s journey seamless, and creating trusted and ongoing partnerships between clients and government is our passion.

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  • 1. Identification Of Opportunities

    We begin by identifying and determining eligibility for government investment and partnership opportunities. This includes matching available government investments with client requirements.

  • 2. Government Liaison And Stakeholder Engagement

    Government process requires extensive time and resources to meet strict requirements. Ronan Analytics takes this burden off organisations by liaising between government, business, and stakeholders to tailor applications to succeed.

  • 3. Market Intelligence

    We develop the critical evidence and data reporting to underpin the key selection criteria of the application process such as Workforce Analysis, CAPEX Forecasting, Value Chain Analysis, Market Opportunities, Competitor Analysis and Social Impact Analysis.

  • 4. Application Preparation And Submission

    We project manage the submission process from preparation to lodgement, working with our clients to draft detailed applications. This includes evidence gathering required to meet funding criteria requirements. With our government background, we understand the intentions behind government funding and can tailor your application accordingly.

  • 5. Post Bid Follow-Up

    We strive to offer true end-to-end solutions, so we don’t just submit the responsive bid. We also provide complete post bid follow-up and advocacy services.