Services - Ronan Analytics

We can help unleash the power of your data through our end-to-end data-driven solutions

  • Survey Design & Implementation

    Anyone can design a survey, but are you asking the right questions? Surveys are a tricky business. Ronan Analytics is experienced in the fine art of design of independent surveys, constructive feedback and genuine evaluation. Today, there is a lot of data that is newly available to us. We have a unique way of looking at customers, employees and/or competitor’s satisfaction by engaging all publicly available data via social channels to augment traditional survey research results.

    We do not just provide survey design services but we help drive results by analysing survey data. Survey analysis is the key to any data collection. Let Ronan Analytics provide survey services and correlate survey results so you can focus on your organisation.

  • Data Quality

    Ever heard the expression ‘Garbage in, garbage out’? Well it’s true! Ronan Analytics knows how quality data can deliver a competitive edge for business intelligence and insights. Our team have extensive experience in identifying whether quality data has been collected and how this data can underpin vital business decisions.

    Clean and complete data is essential if you want your organisation to be successful, but updating that data takes valuable time and resources that many organisaitons don’t have to spare. Our team can help with data cleaning and automation so don't waste time on bad data.

  • Data Pipelines

    There is a myriad of ways to collect, store, analyse and present data. Which one is right for your business? Ronan Analytics knows what is takes for small to large businesses to operate efficiently utilising hardware and software tool-sets that fit within a budget.

    Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data pipelines to serve as the foundation for data and analytics. We ensure data pipelines promotes the use of high quality, relevant, and usable data and is built to effortlessly grow along with your organisation.

  • Data Collection

    Data collection is the primary driver of any business intelligence, so it’s important to get it right from the start. It is now easy to capture huge amounts of data. If data is collected accurately, this information provides key insights for commercial success. Ronan Analytics is experienced in assessing and pinpointing which data can highlight your true success, and understands how to clearly define the true business narrative.

    We are trained to sift through any type of data, and transforming it to meaningful insights, to aid your organisation into making the best possible decisions. Our professionals with comprehensive data collection experience use advanced techniques to collect voluminous quantities of data and deliver valuable analytics insights in form of visual dashboards to your organisation.

  • Data Management & Governance

    So, all the data is collected and the business needs to gain insights. Great! How long will the data, and therefore insights, be valid? Correct data management is central to ensuring that data will always be up-to-date to deliver fresh and accurate insights. Old incorrect data = incorrect results.

    Today’s organisations need a data management solution that provides an efficient way to manage data across a diverse but unified data tier. Data management systems can include databases, data lakes and warehouses. Consult Ronan Analytics to discuss how to correctly manage data to maintain and sustain business success.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Underpinning the entire data and insights experience is advanced analytics. If you don’t understand your data, you won’t understand how to analyse the benefits from data can provide to put you ahead of your competition.

    Ronan Analytics has extensive expertise in statistically sound methodologies, and can explain how to unlock the true meaning behind data - transforming numbers into advanced understanding. We’ll help you move beyond traditional BI and analytics to more sophisticated methods so you can predict trends and uncover more meaningful insight.

  • Data Dashboards & Visualisations

    Ronan Analytics will make sure you have the right tools and know-how to make it as easy as possible to navigate your data. We have partnerships and work with core Business Intelligence technologies to help our clients organize, improve, and communicate data to make better business decisions.

    Whether your analytics solution needs some fine tuning, you want to migrate to a new tool, or you are just starting your analytics journey, we will help you optimize and deploy an enterprise-wide business intelligence platform.

  • GIS Mapping

    See and analyse your data in the context of its location to gain new perspective and get more value from your analytics. We’ll supplement your location data with your organisation data so you can better segment customers, plan growth, perform predictive analytics, and more.

    A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, analyse, manage and present geographic data in the form of modern, dynamic digital maps. Ronan Analytics consult with clients to find the best way to present their data using maps using any technology stack. We perform end to end GIS services, work with your data and produce well designed maps that tell a story.

  • Customised Training & Workshops

    Increasing data analytics literacy and capabilities through applied learning is our passion. We offer a range of training services to bolster your team’s knowledge so you can increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs, and improve technology adoption rates. Software, data modeling, dashboard design, strategy, and more – our training will enable your team to do more with data.