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Navigating and Securing Government Investment & Partnerships

Are you looking to develop your business through activities such as expansion, commercialisation, research and development, innovation or exporting?

In today’s competitive and challenging economy, organisations cannot afford to neglect government investments such as funding, grants and tenders which represent billions of dollars each year. Securing government investments can help stabilise your organisation and weather economic downturns. However, navigating through government processes can be confusing and time-consuming.

At Ronan Analytics, our team of highly qualified consultants come from government and industry backgrounds. Our intimate experience and knowledge of government policies and processes give us a competitive edge in preparing winning bids. We aim to make our client’s journey seamless. We are specialists in assisting small to large organisations to win government investments no matter the value. Creating trusted and ongoing partnerships between clients and government is our passion. Regardless of the outcome, our clients find the journey rewarding and beneficial in developing a 180-degree assessment of their organisation. Other benefits include an improved value chain and strengthening stakeholder relations.

Our Approach:

1. Identification of opportunities

Identify and determine eligibility for government investment and partnership opportunities. This includes matching available government investments with client requirements. We don’t just submit the responsive bid. We also provide complete post bid follow-up and advocacy services.

2. Government liaison and stakeholder engagement

Government process requires extensive time and resources to meet strict requirements. Ronan Analytics takes this burden off organisations by liaising between government, business, and stakeholders to tailor applications to succeed.

3. Market intelligence

We develop the critical evidence and data reporting to underpin the key selection criteria of the application process such as Workforce Analysis, CAPEX Forecasting, Value Chain Analysis, Market Opportunities, Competitor Analysis and Social Impact Analysis.

4. Application preparation and submission

Ronan Analytics project manages the submission process from preparation to lodgement. We work with our clients to draft detailed applications including gathering the evidence required to meet funding criteria requirements. With our government background, we also understand the intent behind government funding, so can tailor your application to the government’s strategic direction.

5. Post bid follow-up

We don’t just submit the responsive bid. We also provide complete post bid follow-up and advocacy services.

Strategic Intelligence

Uncovering and presenting your organisation with the best information and insights to make the most effective data-driven decisions.

Our Approach:

• Data Quality Assessment                                                                                      

Determine if existing data is reliable and valid by evaluating if it meets defined quality industry standards.

• Performance Reporting & Dashboard

Defining, prioritising, and capturing measures to evaluate and benchmark performance to support evidence- based decisions.

• Workforce & Industry Insights

Understand current and future workforce skills, capabilities and experience through deep analysis and insights to develop employment and training strategies for businesses.

• Survey Design and Analysis

Collect intelligence about the behaviours, needs, sentiments and opinions from key stakeholders to uncover actionable insights and address data gaps.

• Social Impact Analysis

Identify and demonstrate how projects promote community development and empowerment, build capacity, and develop social capital through data-based evidence and analysis.

• Demand & Supply Analysis

Identify areas of high demand and low supply to uncover opportunities, areas of focus and determine allocation of financial resources.