Why Ronan Analytics 

 Ronan Analytics is built on a vision of empowering businesses by delivering dynamic, data-driven solutions that yield tangible results. 

As a reputed and independent data analytics consultancy, our experience spans across diverse sectors, including government and advanced manufacturing. Our core belief is that data is the essential conerstone for effective decision-making. 


Unleash the power of your data with end-to-end data-driven solutions


CheckUP Australia

Ronan Analytics successfully developed a robust data management collection and reporting system for CheckUP Australia, to inform and provide a foundation for workforce planning discussions and health workforce development recommendations.

For example:

  • Aggregate, labour market and program-level data that can provide information about the mix, quantity, and quality of workforce development programs and services currently provided 
  • The number of individuals receiving these services
  • Patterns of movement
  • Short-term and long-term trends and interventions
  • Employment patterns and trends
  • Alignment of workforce development programs with regional and local economic needs.

Our workforce data toolkit and resources for the health industry have assisted in stakeholder consultations and regional place-based workforce planning approaches to better understand what data and related resources are available. This helps to answer questions about local and regional labour markets, and existing and emerging talent pipelines.


CQ Building Supplies (CQ)

Ronan Analytics was engaged by CQ Building Supplies to lead their government funding application for Queensland’s Industry Partnership Program (IPP). Funding was sought for the ‘CQ Transformational Advanced Manufacturing Project’.

This project supports CQ Building Supplies' transformation into Industry 4.0 through the delivery of an innovative advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Ronan Analytics was successful in getting CQ’s application through Stage 1 (EOI) to Stage 2 (Detailed Application - Investment Round). The Detailed Application required data analytics input by Ronan Analytics for the following assessment criteria:

  • market opportunities
  • project costs
  • supply chain analysis
  • workforce plan
  • competitor analysis.

Ronan Analytics has been effective in streamlining the tender process for CQ Building Supplies through strong strategic engagement with the Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. 


Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNMRE)

An online survey of mine and quarry workers who attended a series of Safety Reset sessions was conducted by DNRME in response to 6 deaths in the Queensland mining sector.

In addition to providing analysis on the collected survey data, Ronan Analytics conducted targeted telephone interviews with industry stakeholders and Safety Reset attendees from mining, quarrying coal mines and quarry sites to identify themes and sentiments following the Safety Reset sessions and produced a report on these findings.

Ronan Analytics conducted interviews, provided insightful analysis on the quantitative and qualitative data, produced infographics, a quality report and managed client relationships to ensure the final report was signed off and met the needs of DNRME.

Our work was pivotal in the introduction of new safety legislation being introduced into the Queensland mining and resource sector.


QUT International Project Unit (IPU)

Ronan Analytics was contracted by QUT IPU to present and provide workshops on ‘Institutional Arrangements, Data Coordination’ from a Queensland government perspective as part of Australia Awards Indonesia (AAI) funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Ronan Analytics provided vital insights to high-level Indonesian officials on Queensland government data arrangements encouraging knowledge and skills transfer between the Australian and Indonesian governments around social policy and social services.

In addition, Ronan Analytics ran a series of workshops with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) of the Philippines Government on ‘Sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation – Data Analytics for M&E’.

Ronan Analytics continued its partnership with IPU, with presentations on ‘Data Analytics and Use of Big Data for Public Financial Management’ to senior executives from the Indonesian Government. These presentations and workshops were extremely well received by participants from the Indonesian and Philippine governments. Our work contributed to cross-cultural learnings and collaboration amongst all stakeholders.


Queensland Young Lawyers (QYL)

In partnership with QYL and Peppercorn Recruitment, Ronan Analytics provided extensive survey and Business Intelligence support to the 2022 Annual Salary Survey for the Queensland legal sector. Technical feedback and recommendations on the previous surveys on sample size and measures (e.g., satisfaction) were created and implemented.

Ronan Analytics added value to the 2022 Annual Salary Survey through innovative dissemination of results in the form of a dashboard. This dashboard was provided to all QYL members and was extremely well received. 


Waste Recycling Industry Queensland (WRIQ)

Ronan Analytics is proud to announce a corporate partnership with WRIQ. WRIQ is the unified voice of waste management and resource recovery in the State. Representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from multi-nationals to small family-owned and operated businesses, WRIQ engages in a broad range of state-specific issues of strategic importance to the sustainability and development of the waste management and resource recovery sector.

WRIQ represents all aspects of the sector including major landfills, transfer stations, resource recovery facilities (including advanced manufacturing), firming power facilities and collection services. WRIQ’s mission is to elevate the waste management and recycling industries through services, education and advocacy for members to achieve successful economic, social, and environmental outcomes.