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Our team is passionate about seeing your organisation transform through data-driven solutions that create real outcomes.


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    Established in 2019 to
    assist organisations
    to thrive by navigating the
    complexity of government
    funded pathways and
    delivering end-to-end
    data-driven solutions.

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    Ronan Analytics is an independent and trusted data analytics consultancy with extensive industry-wide experience from government to advanced manufacturing.

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    Ronan Analytics is located
    in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia.


We Care

We are passionate about getting actually involved, whether that's deep in a datasheet or hands on at location.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeff Pang

Jeff Pang

Jeff is a Digital Leadership expert practitioner and Digital Transformation advocate with 25 years of data analytics practice across various state and federal public sector departments and industries. Before launching Ronan Analytics in 2019, Jeff was the former Director for the Systems Performance Unit with the QLD Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. He successfully led large-scale data and analytics projects such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Data Transition Project – the largest Queensland Government data project to date. 

Jeff led the development of the NDIS performance framework which enabled the Queensland Government to effectively monitor and evaluate its $2.04 Billon dollar investment. Before joining the Queensland Government, Jeff was a Statistician with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for over 10 years. During this time, he provided statistical leadership across a broad range of activities from data collection to client services. Jeff is passionate about data governance (including data ethics) and is committed to developing data quality initiatives for informed decision-making. 

Jeff’s key skills include an ability to

  • Apply his ‘insider’ understanding of governments policies, processes, and strategic priorities relating to relevant funding opportunities to improve the attractiveness of your organisation's application

  • Ability to leverage his wide network within the Queensland Public Sector to identify opportunities for your organisation

  • Apply key data governance leadership and security practices when engaging with confidential client information and documents

  • Design and implement required data reporting solutions to meet application requirements

  • Apply Australian Bureau of Statistics methods, standards, and classifications to all interactions with your organisation's data.


Stuart Burvill

Stuart has 9 years of NGO, federal and state government experience across policy, strategic coordination, legal, regulatory and data analyst roles. He worked providing research, setting up carbon sector and clean energy stakeholder forums in Beijing for the China Carbon Forum. Stuart began his government career in a variety of policy roles around agricultural trade, digital innovation, debt recovery and energy policy before transitioning into data analytics working in research, monitoring, and evaluation roles for the $406 million Queensland Child and Family Reforms. 

Stuart helped develop a Simulated Analytical Model (SAM) that simulated the complicated Child and Family support system and quantified and predicted the impacts of the 121 Commission of Inquiry reforms and 46 separate reform programs. Prior to joining Ronan Analytics, Stuart was the Assistant Director with the Australian Public Service Commission who oversaw the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Learning and Development Programs. Stuart is passionate about providing the best independent, quality, trusted data analysis, insights and advice so that organisations can make the best strategic decisions.

Stuart’s key skills include an ability to

  • High level brief writing experience condensing critical information writing responses to address key government strategic priorities

  • Liaison experience negotiating complex issues between private corporations and government departments

  • Developing the critical evidence base and data interpretation required to address government priorities and requirements

  • Implement data reporting to ensure your organisation meets
    compliance obligations required with accessing government grants and incentives.

Jeff Pang

Abhinav Chander

Abhinav posesses a double degree in Business and Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is a digital strategist interested in the transformation of the performance, agility, and sustainability of organisational business models through the application of circular economy principles, smart industry technologies and productive data analytics, governance and leadership. Through holistic end-to-end analysis, he can strategically map existing core competencies and capabilities to powerful, scalable, and resilient technology infrastructure and value streams in the age of digital disruption, ever-changing customer expectations, and socio-economic environments. 

Abhinav strives to cultivate and deliver outstanding value to clients by employing iterative human-centered design-thinking, user experience research, and collaboration & co-innovation. He aims to deliver timely, innovative technology solutions that facilitate exciting and relevant value propositions and sustainable competitive advantage. 

Abhinav's key skills include an ability to

  • Value chain and business model analysis, with a particular interest in understanding core competencies, generating circularity, embedding ESG objectives, and establishing triple bottom line reporting throughout the organisation

  • Employing iterative design-thinking methodologies, empathetic & flexible stakeholder interactions, and comprehensive market research; facilitating the delivery of innovative, customer-oriented business strategies that leverage core competencies and capabilities to exploit opportunities and manage threats and weaknesses

  • TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Development & Agile Project Management, enabling effective process modelling and systems implementation, and delivery of an agile roadmap to a future desired state

  • Visual data analysis and narrative storytelling and presentation skills that communicate the “how” and “why” of solutions in the context of an entities’ overall strategy, business operations and external environment.


Cameron Waldron

Cameron is an eager third-year student at QUT, studying a double degree of marketing and psychology while taking on a part-time internship with Ronan Analytics. He likes to be a jack of all trades and constantly develop his marketing and advertising toolkit, which most recently has been photo and video-editing programs Photoshop and Davinci Resolve. He has worked in both customer-facing and team-oriented roles before, but is excited to demonstrate his passions in a whole new manner utilising his role at Ronan Analytics.

Cameron is actively involved in extracurricular student life and particularly QUT’s clubs including AMPed (Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations), where he recently took up a general officer executive role and BAMSA (Business and Management Student Association), where he was first introduced to RA. When he’s not working on university workloads, involved with RA or attending club events, he’s probably onto a new hobby or activity, which recently has been QUT’s social 3v3 basketball.

Cameron's Key Skills Include An Ability To

  • Creatively develop Ronan Analytics’ business and brand identity

  • Generate grand-scale business and marketing strategy

  • Refine suite of tactics for marketing and advertising

  • Develop and adjust customer-facing content (e.g. website, advertising materials)