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Queensland Crime Statistics Dashboard

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The changing profile of Queensland Crime: Queensland assaults double, DVO Breaches up 72%, Drug Offences Down, 2019 to 2022.

Recent crime incidents in Queensland had us take a deeper dive into Queensland Crime Statistics - check out our dashboard. 


Dramatic Increase in Assaults

The number of assaults in Queensland doubled in the last three years from 23,874 to 51,564.

 between 2019 and 2022. This trend occured in every region with even greater were spikes of 150% in the Northern Police region and 127% in Far Northern Queensland and 192% in the Townsville Police District. Mount Isa Police district had the highest assault rates of all and increased two and a half times since 2019 and fivefold since 2014. In terms of offenders this trend was driven more by adults with a 4263 or 39% increase compared to a 650 or 21% increase for juvenile offenders. Prior to 2019 assault numbers and rates were static signifying a significant trend.

Juvenile Offenders

Queensland saw a 66% increase in juvenile offenders over this period largely oriented around offences against property and anti-social offences with the highest increases in unlawful use of a motor vehicle (3965 or 182%), unlawful entry (3778 or 115%) and other theft offences excluding unlawful entry (574 or 47%) and shop stealing (516 or 46%). Townsville and Far North were the epicentres of this growth with Townsville experiencing an increase of 1692 property offences and Far North experiencing an increase of 1392 unlawful entry and 1174 unlawful use of a motor vehicle offenders. South Brisbane District saw the largest increases outside of North Queensland with an increase of (754) unlawful entries.

DV Order Breaches

DV Order breaches offences saw significant growth (72%) in this period, while this increase is significant it is part of a larger trend with a 540% increase from 2008. Far Northern Queensland saw the highest increase (109%) followed by Logan while North Coast (71,827) and South-Eastern (65,496) had the highest number.

Sexual offences including sexual assault also saw a 29% increase from 2019 to 2022 and a 21% increase in offenders. Other offences saw increases in offenders such as increase in stalking (84%) and life endangering acts (55%).

Drug and Fraud Offences Down

Despite this changing profile in crime, Queensland has seen dramatic reductions in drug offences (35.6%) and offenders (28%), fraud (29% offences and 31% offenders), and “other offences” (11%) particularly in Southeast Queensland with the largest decreases occurring in the Moreton and Darling Downs police districts. These reductions have reduced the overall rates of crime offenses and offenders despite the growth of more violent and antisocial offenses in Queensland.


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