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Safety Reset Data Project - DNMRE

More than 52,000 mine and quarry workers attended 1,197 Safety Reset sessions - to refocus on what it means to be a safe industry, free of fatality and serious harm. An online survey of mine and quarry workers who attended a series of Safety Reset sessions was conducted by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME). It was conducted over six weeks ending in late August 2019. Survey respondents answered five questions to provide general suggestions on how safety outcomes could be improved in the mining and quarrying industries. 

In addition to providing analysis of the collected survey data, Ronan Analytics conducted targeted telephone interviews with industry stakeholders and Safety Reset attendees from mining and quarrying sites to identify themes and sentiment following the Safety Reset sessions. The purpose of this data project was to extract the most value from the survey and interview responses and to formalise the results into a report providing insights into the themes and issues raised during the Safety Reset initiative. It is intended to be read by industry workers and stakeholders including worker representatives, industry leaders, and government to highlight areas of concern, and to inform further actions. 

The findings are generally consistent with those of the more formal reviews and highlight a desire for improvement in three areas:

  1. Safety leadership
  2. Workforce practices
  3. Training and procedures.