QuickBooks Timesheets - Ronan Analytics

How to setup QuickBooks Timesheets for Ronan Analytics

Before you attempt to setup up QuickBooks Timesheets you'll need to be a Ronan Analytics client, you can do this by contacting Ronan on this website.

Step by step setup

Step 1 - Login to Quickbook Timesheets

The first thing is first You'll need to log in to your QuickBooks account please ensure your login has full access rights to the QuickBooks Timesheets account.

Step 2 - Once you're logged in and on the main screen we need to create an API application.

On the bottom left side of the screen, you'll need to select 'Feature Add-ons' Then Click on 'API' please see below

Then this section will pop up and you'll need to select 'Add a new application'. See below

Step 3 - Fill in the information about the API
  • Name: Ronan Analytics
  • Description: Help us pull timesheet data
  • Technical Contact: Your name
  • OAuth Redirect URI: https://ronananalytics.com/app/manage_response/quickbooks_timesheets

Now press 'Save'

Step 4 - You have created your API application

Now Quickbook Timesheets will generate your 'OAuth Client ID' and 'OAuth Client Secret' which you will need for your Ronan Analytics account.

WARNING:  Do not share the 'OAuth Client ID' and 'OAuth Client Secret' with anyone treat them like passwords.

Step 5 - Login to your Ronan Analytics account

Once you have successfully logged in you will need to fill in your 'OAuth Client ID' and 'OAuth Client Secret'  you just created and click 'SAVE'

Step 6 - Generate a Token

You're almost there now just click 'SETUP A TOKEN'.

Step 7 - Allow the Ronan API to connect to your account

If you're not still logged into Quickbook Timesheets you will be asked to log in again,  please ensure it is the correct login for the account you're trying to connect.

Otherwise, just Select 'Allow'

Step 8 - Congratulation!

You should now see this on your Ronan Analytics screen.